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SEO Copywriting service

from $200 per page

With this SEO Copywriter, get more value from new website content than a barbie full of Aldi’s pork sausages. 

copy editing 500 words

from $80 (500 words)

Hire a copy editor to fix your grammar, hone your tone of voice, and even make your meta descriptions delightful.

wordpress fixes

AUD Hourly Rate

Get errors repaired, plugins set up, and security bettered for a WordPress website.

7 days
1 sold

WordPress Fixes

Has your WordPress Site got errors -- or a white screen -- or just not accessible?  Tired of trying to work out what caused this?This is what I help business owners with every day. This 1-hour gi

Not yet reviewed!
7 days
1 sold

SEO Marketing Report

Tired of being hoisted up the SEO flagpole? Finally get some clarity around search-engine attraction.With this gig, you can get an independent review of your website's optimisation, and understand

Not yet reviewed!
10 days
1 sold

SEO Copywriting

Write copy... ah!!  Relax, you can get an Australian copywriter with top skills to write your web page copy.We can write one (1) page up to ten (10), at a per-page price.While copywriting is

Not yet reviewed!

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