The starting embers for Australian Freelancer was, unsurprisingly, freelancing. Founder Jennifer Lancaster has been a freelance copywriter/editor for ten years, so she knows the challenge.

But why match great freelancers with bootstrapping business owners now?

Connection. We all know that we can’t do business effectively all alone. Just try to build your own website and you’ll see what we mean! A tussle ensues between saving costs by DIY’ing and creating something worthwhile.

You shouldn’t have to choose: get both value and creative help right here.

For the Business Owner

Every freelancer has their own special area of skills. By searching the micro jobs in a category, you can find a gig by a supporter who meets your needs more precisely than simply ‘a web designer’ or ‘a writer’ or a videographer.

Our site is one of the few micro job sites for Australians only.

Why only Australians?

  1. Our market has high business compliance costs, higher cost of living, and a mostly terrible AUD:USD exchange rate.
  2. Using Australians means the money goes back into our economy, supporting people here. Yeah!
  3. Australian-based freelancers know our idioms, our ways of business, finance (GST, taxes, financial terms), and have superb skills too.
  4. Australian-based freelancers can be available at the same time frame, with a quick email or video call to discuss a gig.

What are Micro Jobs?

Micro Jobs are small gigs that can be done within a day, a week or a couple of weeks. They do not mean any obligation to hire further–but do serve as a great introduction to a freelancer.

As we vet all applications to be a freelancer, including checking LinkedIn profile, schools, and ABN, these people are among the best.

Try us out and experience the difference!

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