As a business, do I have to pay for using the site?

No! The only commission comes from a completed job, which is from the freelancer earnings.

As a freelancer, do I have to pay to add a listing?

No, you can add standard listings for 30 days, free. If you want to add a link or a video, then consider upgrading to Premium for $25, which also gets you 90 days of gig visibility. (Plus other freebies to come!)

As this site is ‘Australian’ is the payments in Australian currency?

Yes, all payments are set in Australian dollars. Although if you happen to be from New Zealand or UK or similar, the payment will go through at standard exchange rates, set monthly.

Can business owners from other countries buy a service gig?

Yes, purchasers can be from other countries, using Paypal or Stripe.

Can freelancers be from other countries?

Apart from our test crew, no, only experienced freelancers in Australia (IP in Australia) can be approved and set up a listing from 1 June 2020.
Our test crew may be from other countries, because they are helping make this site friendly and affordable to all.

When’s the launch date?

The official launch of is 29 June 2020.
Any bugs should all be ironed out by then!