Rate Setting Guide


Most copywriters in the Clever Copywriting 2019 survey (65%) charge via project rates and proposals, while only 17% charge an hourly rate, which was $107 on average. The remainder charge a day rate or by the word.

  • 5-page website median was $1,450
  • 1,000-word blog post median was $450 
  • 3-minute video script was $500
  • Email newsletter was $300 
  • Press release was $350 
  • Sales landing page was $600. 

Source: 2019 Copywriters Survey Australia, The Clever Copywriting School

Please also consider your costs of business. Consider using a calculator to figure out an hourly rate.

Here’s a simple one we made, and the sign up is not one that sends a great deal of emails: 

web design fixed rates

Web Designer Average Rates

There are various ranges depending on the source. Generally, Australian Freelance Website Designers make anywhere between $45 and $120 an hour, although most do fixed fee proposals. (Source: Duosista.com.au) 

Highly-experienced designers who are User Interface (UI) savvy usually charge more than straight web developers.

Development inside an agency will always cost more than a solo web developer/designer and are quoted as project.

If a business is giving their Administrator or Cpanel login passwords to freelancer, the best kind of freelancer is the one you can readily contact if it all goes to hell in a handbasket. One who can diligently work through the process.  Not the one who charges $20 an hour. 

Virtual Assistant Averages

Many outsourcing companies base here but the actual VAs are from the Philippines. So, if the rate quoted on their website is from $8 – $14 an hour, this is probably the case. 

The Australian Virtual Assistant rate changes depending on specialisation and experience. 

Rosie Shilo of Virtually Yours says: “Generally a VA charges about $35-$50 for administrative work, but some VAs have very high level specialties and charge anything from $50 – $200 per hour for those. These can include mentoring, website development, bookkeeping and so on.” (Source: SavvySME)

We found the average rate on asking for a VA with an ABN and trained on systems is about $40 an hour for administration. A VA just starting out may charge less.

You can charge per project here and thus cover your costs and time for everything, with no bid or proposal.