The Wrong Way to Offer Flat Rate Services!

This morning I saw a marketplace ad for ‘flat rate’ digital marketing services. The advertisement used words like ‘growing and dynamic digital agency’ and offered a 33% discount.

Now if you’re offering a flat rate services package for graphic design, website support and marketing tasks – like this one at $1,000 a month – you still have to work hard to make the buyer darn sure of the value for your services. You cannot simply list the tasks, throw in some buzz words, and sell to passersby.

People do not buy simply on price!  Australian business owners have their own time pressures, compliance to do, and competitive pressures. It’s probably why many small business owners work over 40 hours a week.

Many of them have been let down multiple times by digital marketers who do not fulfil their big promises and a few who don’t know what they’re really doing (e.g. by giving them old tactics that score terribly in Google).

The buyer of a flat rate freelance service wants to know:

  • Are you good at what you do? – Proof and specific data needed here!
  • What kind of problems will you solve for this money?  Are they my problems?
  • Will this money give back to our business more than it costs?
  • How will it give this payback — leads, sign-ups to list, referral links, better buzz, or more sales?

Overall, the flat fee services I’ve seen explained only focus on one aspect: the actual service and possibly a broad outcome, like better SEO.

Most of the freelancers or agencies don’t get to the reasoning and specifics. Why you’re the best… the benefits behind your process… key objectives, and even the advantage of buying a fixed fee service.

So, How Do You Write Up a Flat Rate Service?

To win a sale, you will need to spend 100 words to explain the problem and acknowledge one of the biggest time wasters in this area. Then take 100 words to explain your specific service offered and why it helps the business.

Then, give them a reason to believe you. Have you recently achieved a similar feat for a client?  Tell them this. Know your value proposition.

Finally, add additional pictures (2-3) that are of your past project covers.

Then get your service description edited! For an introductory freebie, our freelance editor is going through listings to weed out grammatical errors, however the onus is on you to write up your services fully.

For the business builder, a flat rate service provides a surety of budget. They also know that the task will be done in a set time, not left to procrastinate on, and it will be done by someone better at it than themselves. All time savers.

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